• When people today think about a new Laptop they think a few things they want good battery life. A lot more speed and let’s not forget storage space. When laptops first starting hitting the seen about 20 years ago it was all about size and a DVD Drive. Well as Read More
  • How is your bank treating you? Are you paying any bank fees or do you just feel like an account number? With all the banks fighting for clients today, you would think they would offer more. Of course is you keep a high balance in your account many banks will Read More
  • In today’s world, we all depend on the internet and it’s great when we have access. I remember when DVD’S came out I thought great no more records. Today we access music in seconds and it’s cool but we are missing the experience and we are forgetting about how music Read More
  • If you live in Rural America or any other country and no company has high-speed internet. Well, the satellite companies can provide anywhere at a cost. But it’s very high priced and not one provides unlimited access at high speeds.   Well, let me tell you I lived in the Read More
  • Cell Phone charging in public areas beware ‘‘Juice Jacking’’ is on the rise. What is juice jacking? When you visit your local shopping mall or airport you will now see cell phone charging stations. Most people think wow it’s nice to not have my power connector I can just plug Read More
  • It’s September 24th, 2019 here in Thailand its 6:07 am right now its 77 Fahrenheit and the weather is nice the sun comes up here at 6:07 to 6:09 each morning. today the wind is 2.3mph and the Humidity is at 94% I always try to let everyone know what Read More
  • About 2 years ago I bought a Tech Gadget called the Echo Dot from Amazon. It’s funny how when people hear the name they say yes I know about that. Think again because most have not bought it your friend bought it never really used it never learned what It Read More
  • It’s September 19th, 2019 here in Thailand its 715am right now 78 Fahrenheit and the weather is nice the sun comes up here at 6:07 to 6:09 each morning today the wind is 2mph and the Humidity is at 92% I always try to let everyone know what it’s like Read More
  •   Its Monday Morning around 7am here in Thailand and the weather is nice about 75 degrees clear sky. Today I’m blogging again outside in the pool area its very nice with great lounge chairs. I worked most of the nite and didn’t sleep so after I post this I’m Read More
  • Its 605am in Surat Thani Thailand and I’m watching the sunrise from outside the pool area the weather is great the temperature is about 68 degrees and a slight wind. I’ve been in Thailand for two and a half months now and want to share what I am seeing in Read More
  • It’s the year 2019 mid-September my name is Robby Gray and I am currently living in Surat Thani Thailand. This is my view of what I have seen in Thailand in the IT/ Programming field. Anyone that’s been watching the youtube channel has heard the term Digital Nomad. Most I Read More

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