”Charles Schwab”

How is your bank treating you? Are you paying any bank fees or do you just feel like an account number? With all the banks fighting for clients today, you would think they would offer more. Of course is you keep a high balance in your account many banks will waive the service fee. But what if sometimes you drop below it or you’re a small business owner and you get a little low in your account. How can you stay with a bank that keeps hitting you left and right with service fees and overdraft fees along with so many atm fees? I travel a lot and I was with Wells Fargo at the time and I needed to travel I was out of the country and needed 1,200 dollars. The issue was when I went to the atm machine I was charged for an international atm fee. And new atm card limit was at 300.00 a day limit I was not in a position to call the bank it took me 4 days and 4 international transaction fees to get my money. I was not happy.  I changed to the bank of America and had the same issues. Any time you have a bank account always call and have them raise your daily withdrawal limit. You never know when you might need to travel or have a family emergency. A friend told me about Charles Schwab’s bank and I was impressed with what I heard. I opened an account over the phone went to the office later and made my opening deposit. I have used the bank for six months now traveling and working in South East Asia Thailand and use the atm machines all the time and I get charged each time I use the atm but at the end of each month, the bank returns 100% of my fees back into my account. That’s service with a smile and I have no monthly service fees even if the account gets low. It’s hard to make deposits when you’re in another country. Where there is a will there is away. If you’re an American Citizen you can open a PayPal account and ask them for the PayPal cash card (ATM) Card. You can connect different banks atm card to fund the PayPal account and then move money from one bank to another through the atm cards. This fixes the issue with making deposits in your USA Bank account when you’re out of the country or just need to move cash between banks. If you get the PayPal atm card you can pull money directly from the card also so it’s a nice card to have for emergency and travel and it’s free and no cost to you. Any questions about this blog please reach out to me at  robby@graytechdigital.com

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