“Digital Life Library”

In today’s world, we all depend on the internet and it’s great when we have access. I remember when DVD’S came out I thought great no more records. Today we access music in seconds and it’s cool but we are missing the experience and we are forgetting about how music started. Just like books today everything is digital and I find more people wanting to buy a book and just find a quiet space and read it.

If everything gets online what happens when we have no access or the computers lose some of these files without the original we just lost a piece of our history. Many companies have copies but will they restore them so everyone can enjoy them.

The great Digital Age has so much to offer for people seeking answers about almost anything. I love movies and a lot of the movie rental companies have gone out of business. Now the market is controlled by streaming companies like Netflix and Amazon. I traveled to Costa Rica and set up Netflix they gave me maybe 10% of the movies the USA had but I paid the same price. I’m living in Thailand now and we still don’t get 100% of the movies the USA clients get.

I could go on a shopping spree and buy all the DVD movies I want but I have found the digital format is better and I don’t have to worry about damaged media. Many things I like are on YouTube but there are no hard copies of the media you want but after thinking about this I thought how cool would it be to download a YouTube video on how to cook your favorite food to perfection. How to build a cabin in the woods. How to change a flat tire and then it came to me if I had a Digital Library of everything that was offline so I could access it from my laptop or tablet or TV then I would have hard copies of everything.

For anyone wanting to copy a video from YouTube open the link in YouTube you want to copy and type the letters ss in front of YouTube example https://www.ssyoutube.com/watch?v=O1hF25Cowv8

This will take you to a website called savefrom.net the video link will open up and you can choose the format type you want to download straight to your computer.

All ebooks can be downloaded or you could copy and paste the text into a book folder.  I keep my passport driver’s license all my medical documents and I also store tons of family and friends pictures in my library.

I can access any and all of my data directly from my cell phone or my storage device at any time. So if I’m at the doctor’s office and he needs to know what meds I have been taking I can access it from my phone. Its 100% secure and also is password protected.

Now I don’t need to hire a plumber or someone to change my oil and so much more. With the power of the internet, you should know how to do many things yourself. Yes, you can call for help if you have a flat tire but what if it’s raining or late at night you might be stuck doing it yourself could you do it?

A little note I wanted to add there are three things in life every adult should know how to do.

#1 Swim it will save your life or you can save the lives of others.

#2 Drive a car standard and stick if you have an emergency you can save a life if you can get to medical care.

#3 Perform CPR my Father had a heart attack at breakfast one morning in a restaurant if the lady would have not been there to give CPR he would not have made it.

Ok back to my blog ha-ha traveling to different countries its great to have all my data in one place I can access it. I have built a software platform that lets you store everything you have in one place so when you’re at the grocery store and need something you can check your list from your phone or tablet.

And for the entertainment of having a great selection of HD movies at my fingertips without having to stream it off the internet makes it the perfect solution. It’s great to think digital but it’s always best to have a hard copy meaning you have an offline copy you always have access to.

Most preppers keep a paper tablet for maps and different types of information. With small solar battery chargers you can use small handheld devices like cell phones and tablets and even laptops. And always be able to have your data with you. And by going digital no more plastic DVDs and wasted gas driving or wasted space to store your movies it’s the best thing for the environment.

To learn how to build your own Digital Life Library contact me at robby@graytechdigital.com

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