”Laptop Upgrade”

When people today think about a new Laptop they think a few things they want good battery life. A lot more speed and let’s not forget storage space. When laptops first starting hitting the seen about 20 years ago it was all about size and a DVD Drive. Well as history has taught us technology changes fast and what we thought would last forever keeps us guessing what the new days of technology will be bringing us. The days of blockbuster movie rental are all but over and now it’s all about streaming movies and music to your Computer and Laptops. While having a laptop and being able to put it in a small case and take it with you everywhere we still have the issues with all the little cords and extra batteries and don’t forget that external hard drive you plug in the USB port on your laptop. So many people today are always in a hurry to buy a new laptop when they want more speed battery life or storage.  Well, I’m here to tell you that you with a little patient and very little money can upgrade your current laptop to have the same speed or more than going out and spending a lot of your hard-earned money on a new laptop. The cheapest way to speed up that outdated laptop is to change the hard drive out to an SSD drive. It uses the same technology as a USB storage pin drive its solid-state with no moving parts. With this said no moving parts means better battery life for your laptop. Along with that you can remove a DVD Drive from your laptop and replace it with a hard drive caddy. This will let you add the old hard drive you changed out with your new SSD drive and use it in the DVD caddy as extra storage for your laptop. DVD Drives are out but you can keep the DVD drive and it only takes one screw in the bottom of the laptop to reinstall the DVD drive if you ever wanted to put the DVD drive back in the laptop. This will not just save you a lot of money it will put your laptop at the same performance level as buying a new laptop. And for just a little money and time. If you’re not sure how or where to get this done drop me an email at robby@graytechdigital.com along with the model number of your laptop and we will tell you what you need to buy so you can see how cheap the parts are and we can provide instructions on how to upgrade it yourself or we can tell you where you can go local to have a tech install the parts for you.

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