“Next level coding”

It’s September 19th, 2019 here in Thailand its 715am right now 78 Fahrenheit and the weather is nice the sun comes up here at 6:07 to 6:09 each morning today the wind is 2mph and the Humidity is at 92% I always try to let everyone know what it’s like here in Thailand. Each morning I watch the sunrise and reflect on how beautiful life is and how God provides for us.   Today’s blog is talking about Coding or some call Programming if you’re a programmer you know what I say when I’m talking about being in the zone. This is a time when we are really able to take our skills and just program things so easy and fast and we can feel we are executing code correctly to make whatever we are working on function perfect. I used to listen to music and the right song could put me in the mode to just fly when I was developing a website. As time went on there were fewer and fewer times like this because I was doing the same coding every day and it was just like get it done and finish. I’ve been here in Thailand for almost 3 months at the end of this month its 3 months. I’m really in a deep working mode right now I have had time to read so much and study like 300% more then I have ever been able to study.     I’m so relaxed here and I can take my time and read and study new programming languages and improve my coding skills in some programs that I had some weaknesses in the past. I’ve been able to develop a new mindset of learning and also have really learned that I had not stopped learning because I was burnt out on coding or programming I was just tired of the same website development day in and day out. I have been falling in love again with coding and my life and my love to program and its just the new ideas the new software options and technologies in programming that I’m using now is just on a different level. It’s like I can look at a site and know if it’s good if the company that paid to have it made will see results. I’ve learned new ways to enhance my coding to really benefit the people and companies that pay me and entrust their business to me. When I developed the last few years I just built things and made the site work for the clients so they were happy. Today I’m building websites and applications that are ahead of their time and my clients are seeing great results. It’s a great feeling when your building something that makes your client money and you are the ones that gave them the edge. Each day I’m looking for businesses that are looking for the edge to help their business grow. Many times companies want results but they are not willing to have you really look at everything they are doing to market their business they just have in the head I need a site that loads faster or I just need traffic but in the reality, they need to have a professional do this correctly. They always tell me my old website company told me all I needed was a better website and I could get more business. I would always reply to why come to me and not use them. His reply they are not a good programmer and I would say so you listen to there advise. Programmers see these websites every day we know whos wasting their money and who is being smart with there investment in the development. Today you can build things that you only dreamed of in the past. Always ask your developer their opinion before you tell them what you need to build for your online presence this might save you a lot of time and money. Well, that’s all for this blog and I will see you in my next blog. Take care of yourself and be kind to the people around you. If you have questions about this post please email me and I would love to talk with you. Follow me on Social Media. Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/traveltech779 Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/graytechreview0091 Robbygray@icloud.com

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