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Its 605am in Surat Thani Thailand and I’m watching the sunrise from outside the pool area the weather is great the temperature is about 68 degrees and a slight wind. I’ve been in Thailand for two and a half months now and want to share what I am seeing in the technology field here it’s so advanced. It seems when I lived in USA technologies were starting to emerge then people didn’t support it and something new would start. Here is South East Asia it seems that they really move forward in technology and I think the western countries will follow after they see results from other countries.

About 2011 in the US we had just starting thinking about using QR Codes its similar to a bar code but can hold a lot more information. I was using the QR Codes at the time in the restaurant industry where I was making a QR code that would direct people to a landing page that had a survey so clients code scan the QR Code on the table and go to the page and fill out information and after they click the submit button the database would take their email address and send them a coupon for a free dessert. It really was a great idea a few of my clients got good feedback and also helped them build up their email contacts.

But as time went on it is like smartphone technology just was not being used like it is today so many people would see the QR Codes but didn’t have then scan app on the cell phone or didn’t know what app they needed. I think it was just a little too early for the technology at the time.

Everywhere I look here in Thailand it seems QR Codes are everywhere they use them to connect their bank to make payments and all types of transactions. I went to Malaysia a few weeks ago and my girlfriend and she had the tickets and all types of travel docs and we had to take trains subways so many times. I noticed each time we took a train or subway we never bought tokens to enter the papers she had were where she bought all the tickets online and the papers had QR Codes we entered the gate she put the paper on the scanner and it opened up. Wow-what a time saver.

When the Qr Codes first came out you would make a code for a survey or maybe a link to a website or even a phone number or a person’s contact info so you didn’t have to type all their data in the phone you just scanned the info and that’s it. Let me tell you it’s come a longwise. There are two types of QR Codes static codes that never change they are good for maybe linking to a companies Google map location. But now we have Dynamic QR Codes this QR code is generated from a website and you can log in later and change the information that’s inside the code. Hares an example maybe your restaurant has a QR Code on the front door and you can scan it and have a map when you want to go eat. What if the restaurant closes and moves to a different location. Everyone already had the QR Code scanned and in their phones but the Dynamic QR Code you can log in and change the address so the client that scanned the code in 6 months before now is directed to the new map location.

This really got me thinking about how I can use this idea and make an application to utilize the QR Code technology. I’m in the process of developing a Dynamic QR Code Generator that connects to two databases and sinks the information. I’m building this technology for pharmacies so when a drug has an expiration date and needs to be removed from inventory the company can get notified of the expiration date the drug information along with the location of the drug on the shelf. 

I will integrate this with a POS System so the company can keep inventory edit and update prices and drug usage information without having to print a new QR Code for the drug’s packaging this is a great idea for price changes. Also it can be integrated into a pharmacy’s website so the client buys the drug and registers on the pharmacy website and the history of purchases can be seen and also get drug dosage information if the client forgets it. It also can be used to email the client for refills resulting in the pharmacy location getting a return client to their location and not another pharmacy. 

This is just one way that I see the technology going where we can use QR Codes to make life simpler.

There are so many language packs that can be used for translation in programming so this software could be used in any country so language will not be a problem.

I think retail Business will soon catch on in the western countries and follow South East Asia’s in some of the technologies they are using today.

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