“Rural Internet Solutions”

If you live in Rural America or any other country and no company has high-speed internet. Well, the satellite companies can provide anywhere at a cost. But it’s very high priced and not one provides unlimited access at high speeds.


Well, let me tell you I lived in the USA and I didn’t have high-speed internet in my subdivision but 1 road over did but the company’s offering service could not get my area connected. Along with my area, there were many areas in the county I was living in and many of us went to meeting after meeting with the county supervisors. To try to help us talk with the providers and now 9 years later the same area I lived still to this day is without high-speed internet.

When you live rurally or have the large property’s the company’s don’t like to invest in the long spans of materials and labor because the cost and return time frame is too long.

Not a great investment on the Provider’s side and in rural areas around the world the problem prosiest. In 2011 I moved to Costa Rica and my company was in the Computer Repair and Computer programming Business. Many foreigners moved there for a quiet life and many build large or even huge homes.

No one offered these areas anything except for electrical service. After seeing the need and being in the IT field for many years and also owning my own ISP Internet Service Provider Company in the 1990s

I set off for a solution and I rented a small room in a small garage beside an old farmer’s house and I had the local Internet Company sell me a med size service in the garage. After they finished and were gone I got to work on my solution.

I was in a low area but surrounded by mountains and as you looked to the mountains you could see so many homes with no internet. I actually put an external wifi antenna at the top of a large tree to test it out. And then went to the closest house in the mountains it was 4 miles away. I set up my device that plugged into the internet I was paying for and after a few days of programming the device I went to the house in the mountains and connected a similar device so they could talk to each other I was only paying for about 10 MB from the provider but the house in the mountain was getting about 4mb that is what he wanted so problem was solved. The house now had enough internets to enjoy Netflix and also provided wifi in their house so they had a steady connection.

It’s November 2019 now and as the years have passed I am not putting anything in trees anymore haha but pay large tower companies for internet connection and they install my equipment on them and I sell internet service in Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia, Peru and at much faster speeds up to 200mb now.

I have moved from Costa Rica now and am living in Southeast Asia Thailand and I am in the process of setting up villages and small communities with the internet. We now in all of these countries are setting up High-Speed Internet along with our new Telephone Service and Security Services including Live Cameras and Silent Alarm services.

If I had just studied the products available years ago I could have solved not only my area problems but many other area problems.

If you or someone you know is looking for a solid High-Speed Internet solution or maybe you have a property with more than one building and needing internet on the property. Or if you are interested in setting up your own ISP Internet Service Provider Company contact me and I can help advise or set up a system that will solve your problems. I currently have Telecommunication Networks that I have designed and Built broadcasting up to 50k in distance.

Never let any company tell you it can’t be done this is new Equipment specialized just for these types of Solutions. Its priced from a few hundred dollars to set up a network in a rural or farm area and no need for point to point connections we have many solutions to offer no matter where on earth you’re located.

Questions on this blog please contact me at robby@graytechdigital.com

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