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Its Monday Morning around 7am here in Thailand and the weather is nice about 75 degrees clear sky. Today I’m blogging again outside in the pool area its very nice with great lounge chairs.

I worked most of the nite and didn’t sleep so after I post this I’m hitting the bed for the day. One thing I can say about living abroad is that it’s so peaceful here and quite.

My condo is very quiet with a lot of security and I know very few people here so no one bothers me or calls me all the time and it’s just very calm here. It’s a great working environment I have been able to put out a lot of work these few months with no distractions.

I had a little scare last month I want to share with you  I was updating some drivers on my new dell laptop and it asks me to update the bios software and told me not to turn off the computer while it was updating. The system finished updating and the computer never restarted I was out of my mind because I had work to complete for some clients.

I knew the problem but didn’t have the tools or the skill to fix this issue I was going to have to replace the bios chip on the motherboard to get the computer fixed.  This was on a Friday afternoon this happened I searched online to see the part and price and I was sure I could get the part and have someone solder the new chip on the motherboard.

After searching I found the chip it was about $40.00 US  but I needed to find someone to install it before I bought it. I went to a few places they all seemed to sell parts put not doing a lot of repairs of this type.

The 3rd place I went I talked with a man and he said to come back on Sunday and he will fix it I was shocked, to say the least, he did say we might have to buy a new bios chip but he would look first.

Sunday came around and I was sure he would bail on me and I would have to wait more days but I contacted him on Sunday and he said come on by. I had already taken the board out of the laptop and he connected it back up he removed the chip then he connected it to a flash programmer and reflashed the original chip I was there about 2 hours and the laptop was like new.

We just don’t have the computer parts especially the very small hard to find parts in the USA but here in Southeast Asia, they have it because they make it all. The total cost was about $45.00 in the US and had no trouble agreeing with this. I have never seen people work so hard on repairing things. I lived in Costa Rica and had a bad alternator on my car they replaced some parts inside for 10.00 and I was back on the road.

Had I been in the USA I would have had AutoZone tell me I need to buy the new alternator because they don’t sell the parts inside. It seems here all the people working work like they own the company they work for it’s like they are “Working Like A Boss” Things just get done here when something breaks they fix it then they don’t hold it call you 2 weeks later asking you what the problem was they just fix it.

When my Company works on a  website for a client or whatever service we are doing for our clients we try to work like it was our company. I see so many people trying to sell services for Websites and SEO or just different things even before they know the client or his or her needs. We try to market to people that will communicate with us and tell us what’s working for them and whats not.

At this point we make two plans a short term plan to generate them money quickly and a long term plan to get ready for the future and be prepared for upcoming challenges they will or might face at some point when marketing their business. I remember ace hardware how many of you remember this company?

They had every little thing you needed and you only needed to buy 1 screw or bolt. Then Walmart came out I loved it I could go see so many things in one place. And it was great and then a few years later all the small companies like ace hardware were closing because Walmart had just killed there business. Then I was having to buy screws and bolts buy the box and they never had the special ones like ace hardware.

But we have learned to work with what we can buy from Walmart. Then Amazon came in to play and it was a game-changer for products. So many companies just can not and never will be able to compete. With this said think about this we still have so many companies that we need that are local we should support these companies so they are there when we need them. Amazon cant fix my car serve me food or fix a broken pipe in my Home.

With this said most small business owners don’t take the time to invest in a good Digital Marketing Plan because they are to busy serving what little customers they have and when they need to advertise because they have no clients they don’t have money coming in the invest. Right now the best investment is a good website that people can find and a good Google Local business campaign in place and theses small businesses will see huge growth right now.

Thank about it when you’re hungry how far do you drive to eat ? or when your air conditioner in your home breaks how fast do you get on the phone to call for service? And how are you finding them? Don’t forget if you’re calling for people to help you and you have a small business there are tons of people trying to find your product or service but if you don’t make it easy they will go to other companies and you lose out. These were might thoughts for the day so keep that in mind when you need a product or service think local. Until my next Blog take care and be safe.

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